Shenmue III
- Collector's Edition PS4 -

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Shenmue III - Collector's Edition PS4

Almost 20 years after the release of the second part, the long-awaited Shenmue III is available in an exclusive collector's edition!


SHENMUE III – PlayStation 4™ Collector's Edition

This numbered edition of 2500 copies includes:

  • The game Shenmue III - Day One Edition for PlayStation 4™.
  • A 104-page artbook featuring exclusive design sketches and pictures from Shenmue III (english texts).
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity. 
  • 4 lithographs.
  • An original cardboard box with Pantone colours.


Deep Silver, Ys Net and Pix'n Love are pleased to present this exclusive Collector's Edition for the Shenmue III game on PlayStation 4™ !

In addition to the physical game on PS4, this limited edition of 2500 copies includes an exclusive box and an unpublished 104-page artbook dedicated to Shenmue III. Environments, design sketches, characters, objects, costumes.... Nearly 200 visuals selected by Yu Suzuki himself are included in this book dedicated to the graphic design of the long-awaited Shenmue III.

This collector's edition also includes a numbered certificate of authenticity, as well as 4 lithographs featuring official illustrations of Shenmue III.

About the game Shenmue III for PlayStation 4™:

When it was released in 1999, Shenmue revolutionized the video game industry. Considered one of the first games in open world, Yu Suzuki's licence is divided into two episodes and offers a striking and innovative experience. 

Shenmue III takes up the epic plot of the first two parts and completes the famous story of the young martial arts enthusiast: Ryo Hazuki. 

Combining elements of fight, simulation, RPG, action and adventure, Shenmue III offers an unforgettable journey into a China full of charms and mysteries. 

Shenmue III - Collector's Edition PS4

About the game

Title : Shenmue III - Collector's Edition PS4
Date of publication : November 2019
Number of pages : 104
Size : A5
Cover : hardcover with glossy lamination
Paper : glossy paper
Printing : color

Included in this edition:

  • The physical Shenmue III game for PlayStation 4™.
  • A never-before released 104-page artbook with exclusive content.
  • 4 lithographs with official illustrations of Shenmue III.
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity (only 2500 copies).
  • A cardboard box with Pantone colors
Shenmue III - Collector's Edition PS4
Shenmue III
- Collector's Edition PS4 -

79,90 € |

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Release date: November 2019