- First Edition PS4 -

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Souldiers - First Edition PS4

  • The game is region free. 
  • First Edition limited to 3000 copies with reversible cover.

Platform, metroidvania exploration, combat, puzzles... A tasty retro epic!

Developed by the talented studio Retro Forge Games, Souldiers is already shaping up to be a future reference by combining metroidvania exploration, epic Souls-style battles, RPG customisation and incredibly precise platforming sequences. It's a clever mix that will plunge you into the heart of the fantastic world of Terragaya, torn between the dead and the living.  

Developed with a keen eye for detail and passion, Souldiers also boasts an engaging storyline, art direction and polished pixel art that pays homage to the 16-bit era.  

Choose a character class, hone your skills, battle a horde of enemies, solve numerous puzzles, and fight for your freedom!


About Souldiers on PS4:

  • Dynamic and scalable combat system: hit, parry, dodge, unlock new abilities.
  • Upgrade your skills and equipment to find the fighting style that suits you best.
  • Choose your character from three fighter classes: Soldier, Archer and Wizard.
  • An interconnected world: discover a sprawling landscape filled with treasures, tough bosses and secret paths.
  • Terragaya comes to life with incredibly rich 2D pixel art.
  • Solve puzzles and jump from place to place with an ever-expanding array of moves.
Souldiers - First Edition PS4

About the game

Title : Souldiers - PS4
Date of publication : February 24, 2023
Genre : Metroidvania (action, adventure, fight, platform, exploration)
Number of players : 1
Online : no
Developer : Retro Forge Games
Publisher : Pix'n Love Games
Age rating : PEGI 7
Languages : German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Russian
Pix'n Love Games number : #015

Included in this edition:

  • The game Souldiers (physical edition) for PlayStation 4™ with its reversible cover.
Souldiers - First Edition PS4
- First Edition PS4 -

39,90 € |

 in stock

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Release date: February 24, 2023