Contest disclaimer regarding competitions carried out on the social networks of the accounts: 

Competitions are open to people aged 18 or over. These competitions, unless otherwise stated during the announcement, are reserved to residents of the following territories: European Union, North America, United Kingdom, Switzerland. 

To enter the competition, no purchase or payment is necessary. The rules for participation are stated when the competition is announced, as well as the prize(s) and the number of winners. 


The winner is drawn impartially, using one of the following platforms: Twitterpicker or Pickaw. 

Terms of cancellation: 

We reserve the right to exclude any participant suspected of cheating. In particular accounts whose main activity is to participate in competitions. Also, any account that conveys racist, discriminatory, offensive comments, violent images, images of a sexual nature, promoting terrorism or any other offense punishable by law may be excluded from competitions. 

The same applies to the drawing of the winner: we reserve the right to exclude the winner for any of the reasons stated above. If this were the case, we would relaunch a draw until we obtain a winner. The winner will be contacted through the platform's available channels. If we do not hear back from the winner within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel the winner.

Delivery of the prize: 

To receive the prize, you must have an address in one of the following territories: European Union, North America, United Kingdom, Switzerland. In addition to a complete address, an email address will be necessary, as well as a telephone number, in order to be able to send the prize by a delivery service. 

We will not use this information for reasons other than the successful delivery of the package. If the package containing the prize is not delivered to the recipient because the information transmitted by the recipient is missing or incorrect, the potential winner will lose the prize. 

Disclaimer of platforms X, Facebook, Instagram: 

The platforms X, Facebook, Instagram or others, have no link whatsoever with the competition carried out. 

They cannot be held responsible in any way for the conduct of the competition. 

Duration of participation: 

The duration of participation in the competition is indicated on the platform where the competition takes place. 

If this is not clearly stipulated, it will be a minimum of 24 hours. 

In the case of competitions with partners, the partner's rules may apply to the competition.