The Last Blade 2
- PS4 -

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The Last Blade 2 - PS4

  • The game is region free. 
  • First Edition limited to 3000 copies with reversible cover.

A samurai's honor is found at the edge of his blade...

1997. After the success of internationally renowned franchises, among which The King of FightersFatal FurySuper Sidekicks or the recent Metal Slug, SNK, then at the top of its games, imposes itself as a major actor in arcade gaming. Riding on a global passion, the Japanese company continues to feed the enthusiasts for fun and demanding games, in particular versus fighting titles, a domain in which it excels especially. Among them, a newcomer: The Last Blade. Hailed by the critics, skilfully orchestrated, this weapon-based fighting game establishes itself upon release as one of the new references in its category, and shines a light on SNK’s exceptional savoir-faire when it comes to direction, as well as gameplay. 

A year later, the first instalment would see its sequel in The Last Blade 2, the peak of a now legendary series. And for good reason: this sequel manages, with an absolute sense of perfection, to transcend the concept of the firstborn. The action takes place six months after the events of the first instalment and propels the player in 1864, period marking the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, commonly known as Bakumatsu. A chance to stroll through sumptuous scenery, scenes of epic duels where 18 warriors will battle each other, but also to experience perfectly balanced gameplay mechanics, wisely devised around the Power, Speed and EX modes. Genuine invitation to travel, epic saga tinged with history, The Last Blade 2 is a marvel of sophistication. 


About The Last Blade 2 on PlayStation 4TM

  • 18 characters ruled by their destiny cross swords!
  • Experience an epic story set during the twilight period of the Samurai!
  • Choose the fighting style that suits you best from three modes: POWER, SPEED and EXTREME.
  • Master the "REPEL" technique to counter enemy attacks and activate the "SUPER SECRET SLASH", "HIDDEN SECRET SLASH" and "ENIGMA FRENZY-ATTACK" to turn the tide of battle!
  • Online battle with rollback netcode!
The Last Blade 2 - PS4

About the game

Title : The Last Blade 2 - PS4
Date of publication : July 22, 2022
Genre : versus fighting
Number of players : 1-2
Online : yes
Developer : Code Mystics / SNK
Publisher : Pix'n Love Games
Age rating : PEGI 12
Languages : English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal)
Pix'n Love Games number : #013

Included in this edition:

  • The game The Last Blade 2 (physical edition) for PS4™ and it's reversible cover.
The Last Blade 2 - PS4
The Last Blade 2
- PS4 -

34,90 € |

 in stock

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Release date: July 22, 2022