The Last Spell
- First Edition PlayStation 4 -

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The Last Spell - First Edition PlayStation 4

  • The game is region free. 
  • First Edition: includes an instruction booklet and reversible cover.
  • Limited to 2000 copies. 

In a desperate moves to end all wars that have been rampaging the world for decades, the mages provoked The Cataclysm. Massive balls of pure magic obliterated neaurly everything. A strange purple mist propagated everywhere, with hordes of bloodthirsty mutants coming at night.

Our only hope is now to banish all magic from this accursed world by casting The Last Spell, requiring several days of uninterrupted incantation whilst a few strained Heroes try to protect those damned mages.

The Last Spell is a Tactical RPG with roguelite elements in wich you have to defend a city against hordes of deadly enemies.

During daytime, prepare your Heroes, carefully chosse how to rebuild your Haven and position your defenses. Over the night, exterminate all the monsters coming at your walls with a large range of weapons and skills. The heal, level up, and repeat until the Magic Seal is broken!

Delightfully challenging while being cleverly balanced, The Last Spell takes you into a gothic universe with a beautiful pixel art realization. A memorable adventure sublimated by the progressive metal soundtrack of Rémi Gallégo and The Algorithm. Happy slaughter to you!


About The Last Spell for PlayStation 4:

  • Think and adapt: you will face swarms of deadly ennemies with only a few hardened heroes. Optimize your positioning and plan your actions: big AOE attacks, crowd control, buffs, poison... Every Action Point counts towards another day of survival.
  • Ennemies have strengths and weaknesses that will challenge your wits. And because hard is not enough for us, be prepared for terrifying Elites!
  • Each map will end with epic fights against unique mind-bending bosses.
  • Rebuild the city to help you in-between fights. Get healed, forge new magical weapons, get new heroes. Spend your resources wisely, commander!
  • Build up your defenses: walls, traps, towers, catapults… every tiny bit of help is welcome.
  • The game is meant to be hard. You will fail… A lot. But every time you do, you’ll grow harder, better, faster, stronger!
  • Procedurally generated enemy waves, characters, weapons and a ton of unlockables will keep you entertained until the real world collapses.
The Last Spell - First Edition PlayStation 4

About the game

Title : The Last Spell - First Edition PS4
Date of publication : November 7, 2023
Genre : Tactical RPG, action, strategy, roguelite
Number of players : 1
Online : no
Developer : Ishtar Games
Publisher : Pix'n Love Games
Age rating : PEGI 16
Languages : Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese
Pix'n Love Games number : #018

Included in this edition:

  • The game The Last Spell (physical edition) for PlayStation 4, its manual and reversible cover.
The Last Spell - First Edition PlayStation 4
The Last Spell
- First Edition PlayStation 4 -

39,90 € |

 in stock

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Release date: November 7, 2023