Unruly Heroes
- Switch Limited Edition -

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Unruly Heroes - Switch Limited Edition

Unruly Heroes is unveiled in an exclusive Collector's Edition for Switch™!

  • Pix'n Love's website exclusivity. 
  • Limited to 1500 copies. 
  • The game is region free (European version provided).



This exclusive numbered edition includes :

  •   The game Unruly Heroes (physical edition) for Nintendo Switch™.
  •   An exclusive box with orange metallic Pantone.  
  •   A numbered certificate of authenticity (limited to 1500 copies).
  •   A 96-page artbook gathering previously unpublished design documents and illustrations.
  •   The OST in CD format to dive back into the epic sound universe of Unruly Heroes
  •   Four double-sided lithographs. 


Pix’n Love Games and Magic Design Studios are happy to present you the game Unruly Heroes in its physical edition for Nintendo Switch™ !

Inspired by the famous Chinese novel “ Journey to the West ”, Unruly Heroes tells the adventure of four totally opposed, unlikely heroes. They must travel through fantastical worlds and cooperate to collect all the Scroll fragments in order to restore the balance of the world beset by chaos. 

Unruly Heroes brilliantly mixes action, combat, platform, adventure and puzzles. Developed by the talented French studio Magic Design Studios, Unruly Heroes is hailed by the critics for its gorgeous 2D direction, the variety of its bestiary, of its scenery, the balance and cleverness of its gameplay, as well as the progressive challenge it offers. In addition to its solo mode, the game is also praised for its multiplayer mode which can simultaneously accomodate up to four people locally!  

Are you up for the challenge? 


About the game Unruly Heroes for Nintendo Switch™ :

  •   Discover the legend of the monkey king, alone or cooperatively with up to four players in local gameplay. 
  •   Master the combined strength of the four heroes by learning to use whichever fits best in each situation or encountered challenge. 
  •   Put your reflexes to the test against a variety of tough enemies and impressive bosses.
  •   Possess your enemies to harness their strengths and abilities.
  •   Solve puzzles, overcome unexpected obstacles in various colorfoul fantastical worlds.
  •   Immerse yourself in the spectacular art direction, animation, and sound atmosphere.
  •   Compete against your friends locally or online in player versus player. 
Unruly Heroes - Switch Limited Edition

About the game

Title : Unruly Heroes
Date of publication : June 25, 2021
Genre : action/plateformer
Number of players : 1 to 4
Online : Yes
Developer : Magic Design Studios
Publisher : Pix'n Love Games
Age rating : PEGI 7
Languages : Voice : english, chinese| Text : english, french, german, spanish, otalian, portuguese, russian, japanese, korean, chinese
Pix'n Love Games number : #003

Included in this edition:

  • The game "Unruly Heroes" (physical edition) for Nintendo Switch™.
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • A 96-page artbook with interviews with the developers of Magic Design Studios.
  • 4 lithographs.
  • An original cardboard box with Pantone colors.
  • The OST in CD format.
Magic Design Studios

Magic Design Studios

Magic Design Studios is an independent game studio located in Montpellier (France). To reach their goal of building exciting universes and offering unforgettable experiences to players, they put all their efforts on artistic, technical and gameplay aspects.

The core team has a solid experience in the video game industry, coming from both Ubisoft and the independent scene.

Unruly Heroes, released in January 2019, is their first game.

Unruly Heroes - Switch Limited Edition
Unruly Heroes
- Switch Limited Edition -

59,90 € |

 out of stock

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Release date: June 25, 2021